If you aren't already a SAJA member, we hope you'll become one this week and encourage others to join to support our work. An anonymous donor has an incentive for us: if SAJA adds more than 25 members by Sept. 25, 2017, ALL members of SAJA will be entered into a raffle. The prize for the raffle? Ten times the number of new members we get!

That means that if we sign up 25 new members, the raffle prize will be $250. If we sign up 30, the prize money goes up to $300, and so on. Get the idea? SIGN UP HERE


Our Job Fair and Awards Ceremony were huge successes thanks to supporters, dedicated volunteers and our community. 

If you want to watch the full ceremony, click hereTo see the list of winners, click here.

Check out images from the day below

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The dollar-a-day campaign is designed to let all SAJA supporters support the scholarship fund all year long. The money will be going to support the 60k in scholarships SAJA provides every year to aspiring journalists.

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The new board hopes you will get involved with SAJA activities in 2017. As always, please send ideas, tips, and suggestions to

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