Funded Reporting Fellowships

This SRF program is aimed at promoting a rare element in 24/7-news-cycle journalism -- in-depth and follow-up reporting on major events relating to South Asia or South Asians, long after the breaking-news crews have moved on.

Questions to Ankita Rao, Awards & Fellowships Chair:

A total of up to $20,000 is given out annually, divided among projects or a single project at SAJA's discretion. Each fellowship award is typically between $3,000-$7,000. 

These Fellowships, launched in 2005 to ensure follow-up reportage about the 2004 tsunami and its victims, were initially funded by SAJA members, corporate donors and friends of SAJA. 

For the last six years, SRF received a major financial boost thanks to the support of the Mahadeva Family Foundation, makes an annual contribution of $20,000. "The support of Kumar Mahadeva and Simi Ahuja, who have been part of the SAJA community for more than a decade, is critical to SAJA's core mission of improving the coverage of South Asia through the SAJA Reporting Fellowships and similar programs," said Sandeep Junnarkar, the group's Awards & Fellowships chair and professor at the CUNY Graduate School of Journalism. "This is going to have a major impact on the kind of stories that the Fellows do and how Americans learn about what's going on in South Asia today." Watch for the next call for entries in Spring 2012.

See previous winners below. You can keep alive the SRF and other SAJA activities by supporting SAJA

Haroon Janjua reported from Afghanistan and Pakistan about former refugees returning home

Sophie Cousins reported from Sri Lanka about the stigma behind legal post-abortion care


Habiba Nosheen and Hilke Schellmann reported from Pakistan for The Atlantic for a piece titled "Abandoned, Aborted, or Left for Dead: These Are the Vanishing Girls of Pakistan."


Erik Olsen reported from Sri Lanka for The New York Times about the increase in boat traffic effecting blue whales. Article and video here.

Lily Jamali is in South Asia doing a series on climate change for Public Radio International's "The World." Her series will be posted here shortly. 


Matt O'Brien

Bhutan: A Journey from Conflict

Ria Misra

Pakistani Women Make Community, Income Through Art

Sandip Roy

India: No Country For Old People?


Daniel Grushkin (2008 winner)

Himalayan glaciers are melting quickly. When they’re gone, Asia could be in serious trouble.

Anup Kaphle and Graeme Wood

Policing Afghanistan

Video: From Himalayas to Helmand

Angilee Shah

Colombo's Secret War on Terror


Judith Matloff, Photos Bob Nickelsberg:

Kashmiri mothers hunt for lost sons (text, photos, and audio)

Judith Matloff, Photos Bob Nickelsberg

The Psychic Scars of Kashmir


Asra Nomani: The New Untouchables


Jigar Mehta / Jonathan Jones

Ken Moritsugu (can't find original Knight Ridder sites)

Tsunami Aid Distributed Unevenly Between India's Fishing and Farming Villages

A Rush to Rebuild Leads to Wasted Effort

Ami Vitale (2005)

Srinivas Kuruganti (2008)

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