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Thank you for joining us for #SAJA2020. It's been our pleasure to bring you a series of virtual events, culminating in our awards ceremony, which you can watch in full above.

And a big thank you to our sponsors: 

   Gaur Family   

And congratulations to the finalists and winners of our 2020 awards!

COVID-19 reporting:

Winner: Over 10 agonizing days, this migrant worker walked and hitchhiked 1,250 miles home. India's lockdown left him no choice - Mohit Rao for CNN

How the Pandemic Is Reshaping India - Billy Perrigo and Neha Thirani Bagri for TIME

Dispatches from the world's largest lockdown: exodus, hardship, solidarity - Joanna Slater, Niha Masih, Parth M.N., Taniya Dutta for Washington Post

Nonfiction Writing:

Winner: A Hunger Strike in ICE Detention - Rozina Ali for The New Yorker

Following The North Star - Shaheen Pasha for Longreads

Stories About My Brother - Prachi Gupta for Jezebel

Daniel Pearl Award:

Winner: Democracy Undone - Soumya Shankar for The Ground Truth Project

Investigation: Amazon Sells Clothes From Unsafe Factories in Bangladesh - Karan Deep Singh for Wall Street Journal

The War on Afghan Women - Karishma Vyas for Al Jazeera

Business Reporting:

Winner: Take a Ride Along the Punjabi American Highway - Jaweed Kaleem for L.A. Times

For India’s Caste-Based Sewer Cleaners, an Uncertain Robot Rescue - Puja Changoiwala for Undark

63,000 openings and 19 million applicants: inside India's employment conundrum - Joanna Slater for Washington Post

Race And Diversity Reporting:

Winner: The Contradictions of a Progressive Police Chief - Kiran Misra for Southside Weekly

Amid outcry, these police agencies banned chokeholds. But critics say more reforms needed - Shirso Dasgupta for McClatchy

Swann Street NW Neighbors Shielded Strangers, Stood Up to Police - Ashish Malhotra for Washington City Paper

Arts and Culture Reporting:

Winner: Vital Signs with Dr. Sanjay Gupta: Bhutan - Correspondent: Dr. Sanjay Gupta, Executive Producer: Elisa Berkowitz, Senior Producer/Writer: Samantha Bresnahan, Field Producer: Sugam Pokharel, Photographer: Sanjiv Talreja, Editor: Anthony Whaley for CNN

Trying to Define a Cuisine Shaped by Absences - Vidya Balachander for The Juggernaut

Kamala Harris' defining Indian influence - Shashank Bengali for L.A. Times


Winner: A Day in Delhi's Resettlement Colonies - Kiran Misra for Pulitzer Center

Photo Essay: Gold in the Kutupalong Camp - Fariba Alam for The Juggernaut

Fortify Rights/Doha Debates Rohingya Instagram Fellows - Azimul Hassan for Fortify Rights

Reporting on Any Subject:

Winner: New Workers of the World - Vauhini Vara for Bloomberg

Robbers, strawberries & black-market economics: How to bake a cake in Caracas - Simran Sethi for Washington Post

In Ghana, a Bumper Crop of Opinions on Genetically Modified Cowpea - Ankur Paliwal for Undark

The Network of Hindu Nationalists Behind Modi’s “Diaspora Diplomacy” in the U.S. - Rashmee Kumar for The Intercept

The Impeachment of President Donald J. Trump (series) - Versha Sharma for Now This News

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